Finding bathrooms in urban areas is difficult at best. When you find one it may be locked or require a purchase in order to use it. We at iPeeFreely find this unacceptable. Residence and tourist should not have to search endlessly to meet a basic biological needs or have to endure a city that smells like a toilet because bathrooms are too hard to find.

We are creating a crowdsourced urban bathroom locator. An easy to use app that will allow you to easily find available bathrooms. If you find a bathroom that is not all ready on the map, iPeeFreely will make it easy for you to add it so that other people can find it.

We know that many businesses will not want there bathrooms listed publicly so that anyone can come in and use them, at least without first being a customer. So we give businesses the opportunity to entice you with a coupon so you can become a customer. Maybe you can get a nice cup of coffee and need to use there bathroom a second time.